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'He's celebrating paying off his student loans.' 

My topic is how college tuition is so expensive these days for out-of-state students. This cartoon shows a older man celebrating paying off his student loans. It is implying that college fees and tuition are so expensive and that it took him this long to pay them off. It is arguing that the fees should be lowered and that it should not take your whole life to pay the debt off. It uses exageration in that the people looking at him celebrating look surprised that he is as old as he is and just now all done paying everything. The old man is wearing a bathrobe and has a cane to walk. This is also is exageration in that it takes a long time to pay of loans, however if you are 22 when you graduate it shouldn't take 50+ years to pay them off.
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This psa wants people to adopt pets from the humaine society. It is basically a slide show with cute pictures of pets throughout with an occasional reason why people should adopt. I think that this ad targets all ages. Young kids would watch this and be intrigued by the pets pictures. Adults would also be interested and with the end saying for you to "Get a Christmas Gift Here" would be a reason or excuse to get a pet from there. Also, elderly people may be persuaded by this ad due to the facts displayed having to do with the pets increasing people's overall health. I think the short length and simplicity of the ad add to its ability to persuade different audiences. Two things that would add to this advertisement would be for the creator to add videos of people interacting with their pets and giving actully statistics/percentages of how people are affected by pets. This would add to the persuasion of the ad due to audience seeing someone that is around their age and make them able to relate with the ad on a personal level.
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Everyone Should Receive College Tuition as In-State Residents


There are many kids that are graduating high school, that want to get as far away from home as possible and the only way of doing this is applying to colleges that are in different cities and even states. However, when he/she chooses a school out-of-state, he/she is forced to pay tuition fees that are far more expensive than the ones people that live in the state have to pay. Often times one will have to turn down his/her top school for one that is more affordable. Kid’s that are affected by out-of-state tuition fees are then forced into a lot more debt when they graduate college than those that stuck around home. There should be a set price for college tuition so that all colleges ask for the same amount of money whether you are or are not a resident of the state the school is located in. 

            Accepting this proposal would allow young adults to enjoy their college years more. It would allow them to study somewhere they are not familiar and gain experience in other people’s cultures. This would also allow students to pick the schools they really want to go to, not the ones they have to go to for money reasons. College graduates would also be free of many financial burdens when they graduate that they would normally face paying out-of-state tuition.

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        On the website The Rude Pundit, the author uses rude and offensive language to get his points across. I believe the language he uses may draw some into reading it and others disgusted by it.  However, even those who are disgusted by his writing, will probably read the whole thing, like I did, to see how it ends. Therefore, the author's tone and language will draw in many readers whether or not they agree with his style. I believe the intended audience for these postings would be people that agree with his views and are not offended by the language used to express them. I think that younger generations would be more apt to accepting the profanity than older ones due to how our society is raised these days. Younger generations are more used to profanity being used in movies and music than older ones were ever exposed to. I think most, not all, older people would be disgusted by this author's antics.I think the author chose this way of writing because it is probably how he truely feels about the topics. He did not want to censor his material which in the end would be blocking out his view(s). Everyone has freedom of speech and whether its verbal or written, it should not matter what others think.

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In the article titled 'Half-Criminals' or Urban Athletes? A Plea for Fair Treatment of Skateboarders" the author is giving his point of view on how skateboarders are being treated by others. He feels, as a skateboarder himself, skateboarders are being treated unfairly everywhere around the country. 

David Langley, a college student and the author of the article, intended for the audience to be lawmakers and/or his peers that are also skateboarders. He argues that law enforcement and storeowners are treating skateboarders unfairly. He gives a personal experience in his article and says the actions the police take are on their own discretion, so therefore it's never an even punishment for everyone caught skateboarding. I believe he wants to appeal to this audience so that the rules/laws they make based on skateboarding will be the same everywhere.

The warrant of this article is that skateboarders are being mistreated and prejudged and this should be eliminated. I think the audience would seriously consider his point of view but not necessarily accept it. He has good evidence as to why skateboarding should be allowed but brings up a negative point of property damage in the end of the article. I believe this small piece of the argument would be many people's reason as to why they would not want skateboarding allowed in the area. 

The author presents his conditions of rebuttal very strongly but could use a little more support here and there. I believe that his personal experience of law enforcement over skateboarding is his strongest support in his argument.

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